Web Development Trends for 2022 and Beyond According to Experts & Data

Web development is evolving at a breath-taking pace. New technologies are bringing innovations in this evolving field, and new advancement in this field is bringing new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. In this context, we will talk about the trending web development technologies. Let's hop in!

Augmented Reality (WebAR) - AR is a highly visual, interactive method of presenting relevant digital information in the physical environment. You must have come across AR in recent times, the recent announcement by Meta (Previously known as Facebook) that they will invest billions of dollars into the metaverse, which is a mixture of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Many E-commerce giants like IKEA, Amazon & MOSCOT have already started using AR to promote their business using virtual showrooms. These AR experiences are available on the website via a browser, and the solution is called WebAR. Business is accepting WebAR because of the following reasons:

  • Reduce time for service and allows a customer to try goods before buying
  • Enhance overall user experience

Example - Shopify allows sellers to create 3D versions of the goods to see realistic versions of the product.

Artificial intelligence (AI) - Do you own Alexa, Google Home or interacted with SIRI? If yes, then you already have experienced what AI is. AI is already powering most of our lives, and Giants like Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft are already using AI to offer immersive experiences to their customers. The AI can be integrated into a website to engage with the user. For small businesses with limited workforce, AI can become a helping hand and promote interactions with customers to provide relevant information. It can also help in faster coding and quality assurance, and maintenance. AI and machine learning have already automated many processes in web development.

Example - TensorFlow is a high-performance architecture that can easily install complex computations across servers, computers, and phones. The other example is the Wix website builder, and this tool can single-handedly build an entire website.

Blockchain Technology - Everyone is concerned about data security and privacy online. The Blockchain is the answer to all the concerns in web development. You may be wondering what a Blockchain is? It is a decentralised system that allows transactions between two parties without involving any third entity. It stores all the information in an encrypted database and information in blocks that are then joined the chain, thus using the same blockchain technology. It offers innumerable benefits, important being the security and error-free operations. In the field of web development, the Blockchains can be implemented in the following fields:

  • The blockchain system is decentralised and can be used to make a website that is 100% secure
  • Data can be easily transferred from point A to B without any mediators

Example - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service and IBM Blockchain Platform.

Cloud Computing - Have you ever used Google drive & Netflix? You must have. These two are the best examples of cloud computing in web development. Cloud computing means using cloud-based resources such as storage, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence for flexibility and convenience. It emerged as an important trend during the pandemic, and more organisations are shifting towards it. Now let us discuss the benefits of cloud computing in web development.

  • Developers do not have to worry about storage space
  • They can work together from different locations
  • It is a cost-effective process and facilitates easy accessibility

Example - Netflix (moved to Cloud in 2016), Most common providers, Amazon Web Services, Google Drive

AI-Powered Chatbots - If you have ever visited any banking website, you must have come across AI-Powered Chatbots. These can mimic human conversations with technologies like deep learning and machine learning. These help website owners to the overall cost; new businesses are using chatbots to answer all their users' questions. They can answer all queries without any delay. They are using speech recognition and cognitive intelligence to solve user queries faster.These are great if you want to improve the reach of your website, AI-Powered Chatbots improve user experience and help businesses build trust in the minds of the user. The benefits of implementing chatbots in website development are:

  • They are smart and can answer all the general question
  • It can be easily integrated into the website

Example - Zendesk Chat, Salesforce Einstein & HubSpot Chatbot Builder

Automation Testing is the process of testing software using special automated testing software tools to execute a test case suite to ensure that it meets strict requirements. It also looks for bugs, defects, and any other issues with website development. Automation Testing allows developers to accomplish complex projects with limited resources. It helps the development team collect test cases and reduce development time and cost (up to 20%). You may ask why it is important for web development? Simply because the entire web development market has become competitive so being faster and delivering better quality products will give you an edge. Other benefits of using Automation Testing are as follows:

  • It makes the entire process of web development easier
  • It makes it possible to use the code again as the codes are modularised
  • Available 24×7, without someone monitoring.

Example - Selenium & Eggplant


2022 will be a year of advancement in the field of web development. In this post, we have gone through the trends that will shape web experiences in the future. So, to stay competitive and relevant, we have to embrace new technologies so that you can build a successful online presence.